Very Strange Evening

VERY strange evening. Daughter Brooklyn arrived home all alone and our normally very mild mannered dog was barking and running around the house in a panic. Brooklyn noticed the back door was open so she shut and locked it. After hearing a noise from mine and the wife’s bedroom, she checked it out to find 4 books from my bookshelf were strewn on the floor. Not like someone grabbed a few and swept them off, mind you, but 4 random books from among the shelf. As she began to pick them up, she heard a noise like footsteps or something back where she had originally come from, only to find the back door standing open again.
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It Didn’t Take Long

It didn’t take long in the new house before it began to happen again.

We have just recently moved into a new house, and have been there a little over a month now. I had been wondering how long it would take before things began to happen in this new house.

At first, things were very quiet, we experienced absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed almost as if we had finally found a home where “they” would decide not to follow me, and just let us all live normal lives.

But, sure enough, just the other night as my wife and I were watching TV, we both began to hear soft crying coming from somewhere in the house. But, we were both hearing different people.

My wife heard a soft, sniffling crying. I heard two distinct, separate people crying. One was more of a soft bawling, the other was a very creepy, high pitched wailing. All three sounded like females.

Every time we hit the mute button on the TV, it would stop. When we would go back to the show, it would start up after a short time.

We decided not to tell our daughter because we didn’t want to plant anything in her mind.

The next morning, our daughter told us she had some very weird experiences during the night. When we asked her to explain, she told us that she had to get up several times during the night to see who was at her bedroom door. Someone kept knocking softly at her door. But when she got up to check, nobody was there.


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The Recording

One day, during a particularly active time of hauntings, I turned on the audio recorder on my phone just to see what would happen. Most of the recording was blank. Just the sounds of me walking or shuffling. But I did catch one interesting thing. It was a strange, tinny sounding voice. It sounded like most of the typical EVP recordings you hear from paranormal investigators. It said one word; “Ashley.”

That is my daughter’s name.

I still have the recording.

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The Ghost Dog Is Back

A while back, we were occasionally seeing a ‘ghost dog’ running around the house. It would appear out of the corner of the eye of whoever saw it, and it would disappear around a corner when we would turn to look straight at it.

Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

Recently, he or she came back. I just happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye. Just one time. I have not seen it since.

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The Other Day

Just the other day, our 2 year old granddaughter Hinlee decided to perform for us all. Ashley started the music on her phone and Hinlee danced her way through the living room, much to the delight of us all. She laughed and danced and moved across the room, until she stopped suddenly at the top of the hallway, staring down at the other end.

We all asked her what she was doing as she stood there totally frozen in place. Finally she backed her way toward us, scared. Steven picked her up, asking her what was wrong. She finally said that she wanted to know who “the man” was that stood at the end of the hall. The “man” then evidently walked into Brooklyn’s room (which has always been the room with the most activity).

The rest of the evening Hinlee kept glancing in that direction every time she passed the hallway.

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Hello, newest followers!

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The Book

I am growing ever closer to finishing my book on my haunted life. It will contain the detailed telling of all the experiences I have had. I will probably end up offering it as a PDF E-book. How many out there would be interested in this book? Leave a comment on this post if you might be interested.

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The Dimes

If you have not read my previous Facebook posts about the significance of me finding random dimes, please read those posts. With that, here is another example…One day, as we were sitting around talking about all of the dimes we were all finding, some were kiddingly saying they were sure it was Tim behind all the dimes. I mentioned that it would be a LOT more helpful if he sent hundred dollar bills instead, and we all laughed. Finally, in all seriousness I said that if it was indeed somehow Tim finding ways to leave all these dimes around for us to find, there would only be one reason why. With the sheer number of times this was happening, he was simply trying to be funny.
  The very next morning with that thought ringing in my head, I was snickering to myself about how Tim, if he was somehow able to take part in this, was trying to be funny. When I arrived at work, I brought out my key to my office (I am the only one who has a key to this office) and I opened the door. Flipping on the light, I was shocked and surprised at what I found. But soon I was laughing.
  Right on the floor in the dead center of my office was… a Mexican 10 centavo piece. No matter how hard I try to stretch the possibilities, I have absolutely now way of explaining how that got there.

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The hanging tree?


This is the site of the last lynching in our town’s history. 1895. I am not sure if it is the exact same tree or not but it is said that this site is haunted by the two men lynched there.

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On Flying Backpacks

One night when our oldest son Chris and his wife Sarah were staying with us after having just finished school in Phoenix, they had a strange and scary incident in our back room where they were staying.

They had just gone to bed and were laying half awake, when suddenly the lamp above them on a shelf at the head of their bed began to scoot, eventually falling toward the bed onto them.

After putting the lamp back up on the shelf, Chris climbed back into bed. Sometime during the night, Chris awoke to the sound of his backpack rustling. The backpack, which was clear across the room, had a pocket where he kept loose change, and he could hear the change rattling. As he began to lift his head to see what was going on, the backpack sailed across the room, landing on the bed next to him.

Needless to say, they were quite startled.

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