Brooklyn’s Morning of Terror

About 2 years ago, when our youngest daughter Brooklyn was 15, she was home on a school break. My wife and I headed off to work while Brooklyn slept in, which is not unusual for a teenager!

About an hour or two after I got to work, I received a text message from her. It said, “DID YOU OR MOM STAY HOME FROM WORK?”

I texted her back. “NO. WHY?”

She texted back that she could hear someone walking down the hallway, opening my bedroom door and coming back out. It sounded to her as if they were looking for something.

I texted her to quietly lock her bedroom door, get into her closet and call 911.

Soon I received a frantic call. Brooklyn was crying and very quietly whispering that she could see under the bottom of her bedroom door, a shadow of feet walking back and forth down the hallway. She could also see the shadow of that person, through the crack between the door and the wall,  passing by her room. They just kept going back and forth.

I told her to hang up and dial 911. I work 35 miles from home, so I called my brother Ken, who also lives nearby, to see if he and his wife could stop by quickly and check on her. They arrived shortly after the police did.

Police arrived approximately 2 minutes later.

When the police arrived, they knew from the 911 operator what specific room Brooklyn was in. They tapped on the window and asked he to come out and let them in the front door. They had both the front and back doors covered.

She unlocked her room, walked through the house and unlocked the front door and let them in.

Subsequent search of the house showed the police that both front and back doors had remained locked the whole time since my wife and I left for work that morning. Nobody could have gotten in the house.

Or out.

Nobody was seen anywhere on foot in the neighborhood.


About mosthauntedman

In 1968, at the age of 7, Andrew Paschen's family began what was to become a lifetime of hauntings. To this day, the hauntings have never stopped. Although his extended family members still have experiences from time to time, his have continued on a regular basis. He may be America's Most Haunted Man.
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