The Steven Character, Part 2

Late one night, Sarilyn and I were suddenly awakened by the sound of someone running hastily into the bathroom and slamming the door behind them. It was so sudden and jarring that we just figured one of the kids was getting sick and ran in to throw up. I volunteered to be the one to get up and check on who it was and to stay up with them if necessary until they were able to go back to bed.

I got up, opened our bedroom door and turned toward the bathroom. All the lights were off, the door was open and the bathroom was empty. I stood there puzzled, and then decided to round the corner and check out the main floor to see if anyone was up.

Nobody was up, all was quiet and there wasn’t a sound to be heard.

Still puzzled, I walked back into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. Sarilyn said, “Is Steven ok?”

I replied, “Nobody was up. I have no idea who ran into the bathroom.”

Sarilyn said, “It was Steven. I just saw him. As you came walking back into the bedroom, I saw his shadow walk past behind you coming from the living room, down the hallway.”

Now, I had just been in the living room and had turned on all the lights. Nobody was there.

A quick check told me that Steven was deep asleep upstairs and had not moved.

Soon, my dad would see the “Steven Character.”


About mosthauntedman

In 1968, at the age of 7, Andrew Paschen's family began what was to become a lifetime of hauntings. To this day, the hauntings have never stopped. Although his extended family members still have experiences from time to time, his have continued on a regular basis. He may be America's Most Haunted Man.
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