The Grocery Store

One night, teenager Brooklyn and I went to the store to grab a few items we needed.

As I was walking down an aisle, I just happened to turn in time to see a loaf of bread shoot off of the bread shelf and land across the aisle. I ignored it and went about my business.

Brooklyn rounded one of the aisles and came walking up behind me, and suddenly I heard a voice. It was a strange, detached sounding voice that whispered, “Wake up, Andy.”

I almost stopped in my tracks. I quickly looked around to see if anyone near me had reacted like they heard a voice, but everyone was going about their business like nothing happened. But when I turned around and saw Brooklyn, I could see the strange look on her face. So I asked her.

“Did you hear something?”

She looked at me and silently nodded..

I didn’t want to influence her on what I thought I heard, so I simply asked her, “What did it say?”

“It said, ‘Wake up, Andy.’

I knew she heard it too. But why?


About mosthauntedman

In 1968, at the age of 7, Andrew Paschen's family began what was to become a lifetime of hauntings. To this day, the hauntings have never stopped. Although his extended family members still have experiences from time to time, his have continued on a regular basis. He may be America's Most Haunted Man.
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