Knock Knock

It never ceases to take me by surprise when something happens, even though I have experienced this stuff all my life.

One late evening when my wife and I were sitting down having a quiet evening, we were totally shocked when there came a knocking on the floor underneath my wife’s feet.

We were in the living room, and it was dark outside and right below her feet there was a knock, knock, knock. It was if someone was lying face-up on the ground under the house, knocking on the floor above him.

It’s just about impossible for it to have been a joke. Someone would have had to climb over our gated fence and crawl in the dark under the deck, through a very small opening under the house and just happen to find the exact spot where my wife’s chair was positioned.

Later that night my wife awoke to a shadow close to her face, like someone was bending over her.

Was it the same thing in both instances?


About mosthauntedman

In 1968, at the age of 7, Andrew Paschen's family began what was to become a lifetime of hauntings. To this day, the hauntings have never stopped. Although his extended family members still have experiences from time to time, his have continued on a regular basis. He may be America's Most Haunted Man.
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